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About the Solvent Equipment Division of Reliance Specialty Products, Inc.

The Solvent Equipment Division is the equipment and service arm of Reliance's precision cleaning product line and works in tandem with the precision cleaning personnel on custom solvent formulation, test cleaning, and cleaning process problem-solving.

Experts in Solvent Cleaning Equipment

The Solvent Equipment Division's personnel have extensive training and experience in the specialized field of precision and general vapor degreasing in the electronics, metal finishing, metal fabrication, optics and aerospace industries and in the installation, maintenance, and retrofit of vapor degreasing equipment.

With Reliance's Solvent Equipment Division, if vapor degreasing is the appropriate vehicle to meet your cleaning objectives, we are certain that with our technical expertise, years of experience and inventory of high quality used and refurbished vapor degreasing units, we can provide you with a vapor degreasing solution that is extremely well suited for your application and objectives - at a significantly more cost-effective price than purchasing new.

We look forward to working with your company.

About Our Parent Company, Reliance Specialty Products, Inc.

Experts in Solvent Cleaning

Reliance Specialty Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of specialized chemical technologies for precision cleaning and metal finishing. We are a regional distributor in the Midwest and New England of various specialty chemicals.

Reliance is composed of experts with combined experience of over 150 years in their relevant fields of cleaning and metal finishing. Our products focus on environmental and worker friendliness without compromising performance.

Reliance Specialty Products = experts in solvent cleaning.

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