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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of purchasing a used unit vs. new?


Simply put, a vapor degreaser refurbished by Reliance will cost substantially less than a similar new unit.

Delivery Time

A vapor degreaser unit that is in our stock of inventory is typically available immediately. For new units, delivery times can range from three to ten months. If we source a vapor degreaser specifically for your needs, typical expedited refurbishment can be accomplished in under a month.

Specialized Equipment

For some applications, particularly well suited models are no longer manufactured. However, used vapor degreasers can be obtained and be brought back to full confidence by our refurbishment process.

When is renting a vapor degreaser from Reliance a good option?

Limited Duration

If you have a finite project requiring cleaning or you have a temporary escalation in your production, we can provide you with a vapor degreasing unit to increase your production capacity.

For Testing

If you are looking to determine if vapor degreasing is a viable option for your manufacturing cleaning needs, we can provide you with a small vapor degreaser with the appropriate features to test whether you will be able to achieve your objectives with vapor degreasing before having to make a full capital investment in the equipment you are considering purchasing.

As a Temporary Replacement

If your current equipment is in need of major refurbishment, we can provide you with a temporary replacement vapor degreaser to avoid production downtime.

Not Ready for a Capital Purchase

In many instances, because of capital budget or other constraints, it is more favorable to rent/lease a vapor degreaser than to purchase. Mid and Long-Term lease and Lease-To-Own options are available.

Can Reliance help trouble-shoot problems with existing equipment and cleaning processes?

In many instances, it is worthwhile to have an objective third-party assessment of your cleaning process and equipment that can bring to bear expertise and broad experience in this specialized field.


We have extensive expertise in the diagnosis of vapor degreasing cleaning processes and mechanical issues.

Analytical Services

We have full capability of conducting solvent specific analytical lab services.

Pilot Testing

We have full capability to conduct cleaning of test parts under various conditions and processes to pilot test proposed cleaning processes for you parts.

Does Reliance offer equipment maintenance services?


In many instances it is more cost effective and/or efficient to outsource periodic maintenance and annual clean-out activities than to create and maintain the personnel, expertise and infrastructure within your company. Please contact our customer service department for more information.

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